Parts wishlist for the Vespa project. Unlike the Sunchaser, parts are readily available and cheap.

These are the must-haves, and I am trying to decide whether to replace all of the control switches, just to make it as clean as possible. OEM parts for these are really inexpensive.

I also can’t decide whether to change my taillight. Mine has a clear lens, which is no longer available, but it glows more orange than red due to fading. I can get an OEM red lens, but I am not sure if I like it. I am going to see if mine can be refreshed.

1. New Floorboard (damaged)

2. New inside leg shield panel (damaged)


3. New seat (old, worn, tear in cover)

4. Chrome foot rest (do you have to even ask?)


5. Speedometer assembly (indicators on ine side do not work)

6. Headlight rim (corrosion and I need that visor)


7. Legshield beading. (faded and old)

8. Right hand brake lever (beat up)