This has been quite a winter in terms of school delays and cancellations. Some years the timing just doesn’t line up, where storms come and go without messing up school. Not this year. And now this morning, they delayed school 2 hours because of the cold. Mind you, it’s -6F but it’s been that cold for school mornings already but there was no [mr regular voice] Polar Vortex battering the middle part of the country, making everything seem worse. It’s really not that bad here.

But anyway, my 4-year-old is sick so I have to be home anyway. Naturally, my 6-year-old is whining constantly because he wants to stay home too. I am responding to some work email and trying to ignore his whining because it’s completely made-up. Of course the “sick” kid is playing nicely by herself.

funky lens distortion on the car at this angle - look at the wheels...

I was outside last night for a ski jumping meet from 4:30 to 8:00 and it was very cold. Then we had a very long bus ride home because the roads were snow-covered the whole way with wind blowing snow everywhere. I will give our bus driver massive credit, however, for passing a car on a 2-lane road with a 55 limit. The car was going really, really slowly and ahead of us a plow truck and an 18-wheeler both passed it, blowing snow over snow-packed roads be damned.

You better believe I did some donuts at the end of my road when I got home. 2" of light snow on top of packed snow/ice, it was amazing. I also executed a delightful Scandinavian Flick into my road. I love winter! 


Ok back to reality.