Some off topic venting

I rent a condo and I do annual leases. The people in there now need to leave with 80 days remaining. Fine, you know what? Stuff happens i can work with that. So they are leaving on the 30th of this month and my thinking is; I’m not going to be a jerk and hold them responsible for the entire lease terms (the remaining 80 days) but ill just have them pay out the remaining 12 days on that month. Frankly, I think I am being very reasonable. And all I get back is FLACK.

“we don’t want to pay 12 days we aren’t in the place” or “how about instead we just make sure the place is clean and available anytime to show to new renters or buyers, would that work” and my favorite “My roommate didn’t know this was a 12 month lease and doesn’t like paying the extra money.”

Well you know what guys? Tough shit. Your adults and you’ve got to deal with it like adults.

Also, they’ve been burning wood in my gas fireplace and throwing darts at the wall.


/reasons I want to sell.

Sorry, I feel better now.

UPDATE: They are staying the entire lease now. They told me originally they were being transferred to a new location, i suspect they just found a place they like better.


pros: not having to deal with this crap until July.

Cons: Their deposit might not be enough to cover the animosity when it comes time for them to leave. Aka renter remodel.

Selling this stupid place.