Good Morning Oppo, I know some people know kind of know who I am, but anyway I am M-Powwerr, and I suppose I am the future of car culture. Being 15, I've seen the classics and the modern cars and I can tell you, I would much rather DD a BMW Bavaria with no A/C then a Fully Loaded Avalon. Not to say there aren't 'cool' cars today that will likely be classics (almost every Porsche, ST twins, FT-86, BMWs (though I don't know about the current ones, etc) but no 'regular' cars (sub $35,000 family cars) I can think of will be.

In a world flooded with Beige it saddens me that this:

Used to serve the purpose that this now does:

I blame it somewhat on regulation and mostly on buyers taste, If people wanted an exciting car they would buy an exciting car, and now automakers have largely stopped making mainstream 'cool' cars because beige sells.


In case you are interested, here is the link to the car show: