I have to drop my son off for a drumline competition this morning, and I will be going to see them perform this afternoon. In the meantime, I think I may do some light wrenching on my cars. I do need to wash the Sunchaser, so maybe I will do that first for the ride across town to the competition.

Toby and Pumpkin have been bonding of late. She has suddenly decided she likes him.


I am considering opening up some more parking, and area for wrenching. The T Bird is parked on the other side of the fence. If I replace this decrepit fence with a gate, I can pull another car back here to work on.

I can definitely park another car here. If I tear out the pond, I could fit two.


Toby thinks this is all very dull.

I still have plenty of useable space in the yard.


Do I want to keep this? As my car projects have grown, this hobby has been neglected. What do you do with big fish?