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Morning Shift, the Thanksgiving OppoLock Edition

This is the Morning Shift, Thanksgiving OppoLock-style. You know the drill.

First Gear: Happy Thanksgiving from GM, here's an unbelievable early Christmas present


Everybody loves amazing concept cars, right? Everybody wants to see them in production, right? Well, the results don't always translate perfectly. But hopefully Cadillac can do better, and as The Truth About Cars reports the Elmiraj (or something very close to it) can happen, in both coupe and sedan form ala the current CTS (and future ATS) lineup:

"That's the car Cadillac needs," Reuss told USA Today. "You make a statement with a coupe. You don't make a statement with a sedan."

2nd Gear: This is what the production version of Mercedes' Gran Turismo Concept looks like...somewhere underneath all that....


Car and Driver are pretty good at being on top of the disguised prototype world, and they've snapped these spy shots of the production version of the amazing Gran Turismo concept. Though the GT concept has received a lot of love-it hate-it comments for its styling (especially its huge snoz), the production version already appears to be greatly toned down (though we've seen what can happen to toned-down production versions too).


3rd Gear: I promise, no Aztek hate in this one


AutoTrader Classics isn't just a marketplace for classic metal, it's also an automotive news source in its own right. This article's been rerun a bit but it never tires to read about what may very well be the greatest car to wear the Mercury badge.

4th Gear: Saab's Back, Baby!


OppoLock's very own Highball! says Saab will actually come back soon. Very soon. Like, literally next week soon. Go check it out. Like, soon.


5th Gear: and no for something completely different....


And now here's some Victoia's Secret model Martha Hunt because she was interviewed during the Macy's Parade and because why not?

Reverse: Automobile drivers begin new careers as non-athletes

Thanksgiving Day, when it arrived, found me again in Chicago with the car...

A heavy snow had fallen during the night and we experienced hard going as we drove out to Jackson Park from our quarters on Sixteenth Street.

Of nearly a hundred entries, only six cars lined up for the start. Of these six, two were electric vehicles entered by Morris and Salom of Philadelphia, and Sturgis of Chicago. Of the four gasoline-engined vehicles, H. Mueller & Go. of Decatur, Illinois, R. H. Macy & Co. of New York, and The De la Vergne Refrigerating Machine Co. of New York, each came to the start with an imported German Benz. The Duryea Motor Wagon Company's entry was the only American-made gasoline car to start.



Neutral: What car concept debuting within the 2013 calendar year do you NOT want to see in production? Because it's too easy and cliche to talk about what should be made.

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