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Morning V8 - BMW Z4 GT3

I hate tomato juice, it's disgusting. Through culinary innovation, this piss flavored drink for old people with diabetes is transformed into a delightful treat. Just add liquor, tabasco, worcestershire and a splash of lime.

The same applies to the lowly e89 BMW Z4. Add 4.4 litre v8, mother-of-god flares and a wing that produces enough downforce to raise hell.

I'm sure, after you watch the vid, you'll immediately trade your 1.6 liter vtec infused lawn mower for more appropriate transportation.


Flyinglap aka Joe knows more useless car information than anybody. He owns every Car & Driver since 1986. His 11 year old son knows the difference between an E24 and E28. His 7 year old son says "gai-ar-doh" not "gah-lar-doh".

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