Yesterday when I was going to drop my son off at school I noticed a thumping sound from the left rear of the Land Cruiser. I took a look, didn’t see anything, and the next time I drove it it was gone. Except it wasn’t really gone.

This morning I drop the kid off at daycare and when I hop out I hear a hissing. Take the kid inside, come back out, roll the truck back...and I’ve got a big ol leak, but thankfully in the tread. Closer to the sidewall than I’d like, but it should be far enough out that they can patch it. And if it isn’t I’ll plug it myself, because I’ve got maybe 4000 miles on these BFGs and they’re still like new.

Here’s an observation: Goodyear’s off-road and truck tires are ugly as sin. Look at these:

I like the tread, but that sidewall is so busy. Goodyear! Kevlar! Wrangler! All Terrain Armortrak! It’s like the tire equivalent of this:


Just way too many badges.

And then there’s this guy. Being a mud terrain it bugs me less because they’re always kinda wild, but it’s still cartoonish.


I’m glad I went with BFGs, just a plain ass sidewall with some raised letters on it. Even on their mud terrain:

Status update: They say the hole is too close to the sidewall to fix. Also, here’s what was in the tire:


So now I’ll have to buy another tire, and I’m going to plug and patch the old one to use as a current spare is undersize and unusable anyway, so whatever.