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Morning Walk - Continental Sighting and some personal stuff

So, I’m trying to go on my morning walks again as it is supposed to help with my strong anxiety and depression.

It’s been a really bad week with my mental health. I couldn’t work and only made it to one college class this week. I’m stuck in an avoidance cycle which is providing temporary relief when I get a spike but then hits me even worse the rest of the time and makes the spike even worse. I actually though about dropping out this week and had some suicidal thoughts. I’m feeling a little better today since I went to therapy on Friday and actually started breaking the avoidance cycle by working on class work for the first time this week. I managed 45 minutes of work.

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Anyway, I live near a couple of cool auto shops and get to see some cool stuff on my walks. Today there is a pretty cool Lincoln Continental and I took a picture to share with everyone.

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