Most Crossovers Suck, but this is kinda cool.

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This is the just announced VW T-Roc R. Yes, it’s a crossover, but it powered by the 296 horsepower motor and 7 speed DSG from the Golf R and that makes it okay in my eyes.


The T-Roc R won’t be making its journey across the ocean, this vehicle will not be sold in the US, unfortunately. With the crossover craze, I could see the T-Roc fitting in VW’s US lineup nicely since the Tiguan is quite large for a compact crossover.

VW claims the T-Roc R will hit 62 MPH in a brisk 4.9 seconds. Funky colored interior accents and sport seats also come with the R version on the T-Roc.


What do you think of this new hot hatch crossover?

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