Most fun I have had reviewing $800.00

So, we go from a ZL1 into a car that is probably the other end of the spectrum in terms of sheer acceleration. But what it lacks in that (which is actually pretty fixable if you want to) it makes up in 80's coolness and a low price of entry, especially if you are mechanically inclined like the owner is.

The AW11 was on my radar because I was part of a Dutch MR2 forum as an aspiring owner. I wanted a SW20 something fierce, but life had it’s way and it never happened. I didn’t mid the AW11 however, so when the chance came to review one I said yes pretty much instantly.


I’ve probably mentioned it before, but I really do love this hobby. The people I meet through it and the cars I have been able to drive far outweigh the expectations I had when I started this thing. I might never become a big YouTuber, but I will continue to make these videos for as long as there are cars to review.

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