This is amazing.

Every once in a while I zip through this website for kicks and this time I absolutely struck gold.

Illustration for article titled Most Honest Dealership Car Ad Ever

2003 Ford Escort:…

This description is what’s amazing.

Good cheap transportation car, 4 cyl, auto, NEW MOTOR less than 10,000 miles on it, nice tires, Walmarts’ finest hubcaps, 3 coats of Rust Oleum’s highest quality BBQ grill high heat long lasting medium black spray can paint, NOT rusted, we put a lot of love in this car cause we have the tools and talent and don’t like to see good running cars junked, we banged that roof dent out to near factory specs, clean interior, , now it can be yours, come to Payless with cash or credit/debit card, do not ask to finance a $1500 car - that’s the other dealer that will charge you $4000 for the same car,, call or text

The best parts are bolded.

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