Yes. This is happening. What do you consider the most Jalop van?

My nomination would have to go to my own shitbox: The GMC Safari/Chevy Astro twins.

Okay, so, its got a V6 making 195 horsepower. But the thing has some decent torque behind it, enough to chirp the tires taking off from a stop full throttle. Plus, its 100% possible to put an LS motor under the hood. Not to mention they were offered with a manual transmission for a while.

These can also be lifted and put on mud tires for taking 6 of your friends off-roading with you.


Or drop it and pimp it the hell out.


Either way, you've got a kick ass van that you could use to comfortably travel across the country. You could also try to shuffle it down some back roads, laughing your ass of at how much the body rolls, or how under powered it is. Keeping momentum is key, sort of like in a Miata. Yes, I just compared a van to a Miata. Whatcha gonna do about it!?