Bring on the robot cars!!!

While coming down the merge ramp from Ben White to I35, a blue Civic began trying to cut in front of me a good 500 feet before the merge lane began. He literally shoved himself into the non-existent gap, forcing me to brake hard.

This caused the woman in the Tahoe behind me to angrily pull onto the shoulder and pass us. Meanwhile, a water truck saw an opportunity to merge early due to the Civic coming to a complete stop to force me to let him in. The Tahoe saw the same gap. They crashed at maybe 10 MPH.

The blue Civic decided to avoid the crash and pulled onto the shoulder to pass at the exact moment a woman in a black Porsche Boxster was FLYING down the shoulder, passing everyone. They crash. A much bigger crash.

Seeing the two crashes, a car behind me on the ramp tries to move from the ramp onto I35, again a good 500 feet before the merge lane even begins. I guess he’s watching what’s happening with the crash because he pulls out directly in front of a semi, causing a THIRD crash.


So now the ramp is completely blocked because all of the crashes were prior to the merge lane, and there’s no way to even detour around it because the right lane of I35 is blocked by the third crash.

I can’t wait to read how this was handled by APD. People are too stupid to drive.