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Also I apologize if this is a repost. I had this scheduled to post at 11:00, but I couldn’t find it posted. I probably just accidentally saved it as a draft.

It seems like a CAI, exhaust, coilovers, wheels, and tires are the only mods on 90% of “tuned” cars have. From my experience the first two don’t really do anything unless the stock design was crap. And plenty of people either mess up the last 3 or just get something that isn’t going to work on the street. Whether the parts are just cheap, sacrifice looks for performance, or are legit race car stuff that only belongs on the track.


I remember when the clutch went out on my ‘92 Civic (Not mine pictured) I was dreading doing the job myself because I’d never done something that major. So to give me a little incentive I bought a lightweight flywheel to put on. After I finished the job I was very impressed with how much of a difference it made. Although it didn’t make it a rocket ship, it made it significantly peppier and responsive.

Anyway to the point.

My question is. What are some excellent mods that many people overlook that make substantial improvement?

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