I lived in New Brunswick, NJ (home of rutgers) a couple years ago. We had a 3 story house, top 2 floors were the cheerleading squad. One day we were all in the yard fresh off of a batch of special brownies, just throwing the football around. One of the girls comes down and starts throwing with us. I get the ball and tell my buddy to go long. I throw a perfect spiral down the length of the street right into his arms. 

The girl says, "Wow way to show off."

For some reason I snapped back, "Thats the fucking point! You're really pretty and Im good at football so why should I lower my skill set to match everyone else? Jesus christ just watch this again." and I threw another bomb. She walked away rolling her eyes, but when we went back inside there was a note on the door "To the guy with the strong arm [phone number] :) "

Whats the most unexpected "pick up" you've had?