What’s one brand that is completely reliant on its performance group? As in, if the parent brand split up from its performance group, everything we associate with that parent would be gone?

As usual, I’ll try for the example that is the least considered option, which I think is Corvette.


Though it is still a model, anything GM sales with a V8 (no matter what brand) references that it’s the motor out of some form of ‘Vette. Now we all know that the best product GM makes are its V8. Any vehicle they have ever made, the V8 version always gets a pass. The fact that Cadillac is avoiding V8s is like working at a Bakery and trying to push the frosting as you claim to fame. Do able, but when you have great cake, you better use it!

For the most part, we know the GM V8 engine codes as well as we know our BMW chassis codes. Yet, if the Corvette left Chevrolet or GM entirely, I’m not sure the merits of the Camaro or Cadillac’s “V” performance series would be able to hold up. Non-enthusiasts won’t come running when you put LT1 or LS9 on the back of the all new Chevy Cruze “miSSile.” However, if I just say “Corvette-tuned,” I don’t even have to qualify what that actually means and you already assume it will be as badass as that model could get.

So, I don’t think it’s crazy for Chevrolet to make Corvette it’s own subbrand since it already is just that. Plus, the new emblem would be more compelling than any “SS” badge.


Last Picture is just an automotive reminder that Cadillac’s “V” emblem is a mix of the old Cadillac emblem and the new Crest. Always thought that was super clever!

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