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Mothballs. Never Again.

I put mothballs in my Camaro over the winter. While I now know this is a mixed success and horrible thing to do, I did. My grandpa has always done this and I didn’t know better. I previously borrowed one of his cars and after a week with a fan in it and charcoal and kitty litter moving it in the sun when possibly it went away.

My Camaro is not giving me so much luck. Mothballs were in it 10 years less than the other car but it seems to be way worse. Because I park it in a parking garage now I can’t leave it in the sun or leave the windows open. Currently I have some kitty litter on plates, charcoal, and baking soda. Today I put a couple dryer sheets in it but I think that will just mask it.


What has been successful to remove it not using sitting out in the sun? I am considering an Ozone Generator but some gov’t agencies say they are not useful and bad. If Ozone generators do work I’ll be looking to borrow one or buy if I have to.

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