Mother-In-Law Help!

Hello Oppo,

My MIL got a job as a part time rural mail carrier and is searching for a vehicle. She is looking at possibly importing something RHD. I know quite a few of you have imported vehicles and she is looking for good recommendations on what to get. She is looking for an SUV that’s a 4x4 and automatic. It needs to be something that could easily be serviced. The big wear items are going to be tires and brakes. She has been eyeballing Pajero’s. I would appreciate any help in this subject. Any vehicle recommendations or importers to use our avoid? Her budget is $10k but would be happier at $7k.


UPDATE: I realize that I never included a location. She lives in South East Minnesota. She has no problem going to the East Coast to get a car because she has family in Philadelphia.


Badass Pajero for your time,

What I really want her to get so I could borrow it!
What I really want her to get so I could borrow it!

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