Mother of God...

I’ve thought about turbocharging a Chinese scooter before...but this...this

Look at that snail!

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That is correct, 1977 turbo goldwing, this thing did wheelies. About 10 years ago I blew the seal on the turbo while riding, removed the turbo, and had it sent in to rebuild. Rebuilder suggested an oil cooler, purchased and installed that, but never reinstalled the turbo. Old gas now in gas tank, carbs were run out, so they should not need a rebuild. Brakes are good, bike has been stored away from the elements in my garage.

FYI, Price is solid, 2000 is my bottom price, have more than double that into it, have receipts for the turbo rebuild apx 500 bucks alone, custom exhaust and jetting holley carbs to match ALONE is worth what I’m asking.

Randaak sold super chargers ALONE, no carbs, no bike, no oil cooler, for OVER 5000!!!!

Includes - Electronic ignition, super coils

Missing - Front foot pegs on both sides were misplaced, sidecover has part of it cracked off, and bike does not have a seat. Missing key and lock for gas tank access.

Needs old gas removed and turbo reinstalled.

Carbs are a 2 barrel holley carb from a car.

This is custom, heads were reworked for higher compression, spark plugs holes have been modified for special sparkplugs. One of a kind unit, always turned heads and faster than crotchrockets, total fucking sleeper if they pull up on the opposite side of turbo!!!

Illustration for article titled Mother of God...
Illustration for article titled Mother of God...

Wheelies on a Goldwing sounds both hilarious and terrifying in equal measure. Surely those brakes are absolutely useless, right?


This is why I always have a window open to FB Marketplace and Craigslist.

Wait, I wonder...
TIL: Slapping turbos on big old bikes is definitely a thing!

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