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Mother Truckin Turbo Inlet Hoses - To Reinforce, or Not To Reinforce

Good Evening.

I hope the end of the day finds you all with clear roads, mild weather, and non-shitty drivers flipping their family sedans on a completely clear day because they got into a tank slapper when they drifted off the road whilst looking at videos of cats playing the piano in sailor costumes, then jerked the wheel to get back on the road. You get the idea.


Anyway, I was checking out some upgrades for my ride and I found a turbo inlet hose which claims to be "reinforced" to prevent collapse in the event that a vacuum is formed from the turbo sucking air in. Is that actually a thing? I would think that with a standard, clean air filter on the other end that this would be a non-issue. AmIrite?

Also, on an Audi A5, is it necessary to do the down pipe with different resonator if you do the High Flow Cat as well?

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