Motivate me. (and others)

I'm tired of giving myself an excuse.

I have owned a 74' Datsun 260z. Right now it's currently under garage mode for the past 2 years. Why? Why have I neglected such a thing? Well a little background history. I bought this in honor of my dad who had passed away. I've done quite a lot of work around it (installed triple webers, stripped the paint, etc.) and what's holding me back is the fact that I worked on this car with my cousin... who has recently passed away as of last year. Every time I touch it, I think of him working on it together and it still haunts me.


Has anyone gone through this kind of situation? A project car suddenly postpones because of something tragic?

Sorry to be a puss. I've never dealt with this situation before.

pc: Crank and Piston (middle eastern S30 owner)

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