My local Yamaha dealer is unwilling to bring in any XSR900's without me buying it first. I’m unwilling to drop money on something that I’ve never ridden. We are at an impasse.

For what it’s worth, they said that they would sell me a new 2018 XSR for $8000 if I decided to order one. I don’t think there were any improvements for the 2019 MY, just a new color. The 2020 ones are allegedly coming soon (I’m guessing bikes come out in the spring?) but again, probably just a new color..


The next closest Yamaha dealer is on highway 99, which is both where I currently work, and a place well-known for shady dealerships. They have an XSR900 in stock, but it needs to be serviced. Can’t ride it until next Saturday, which... Is a day I’ll likely be working 😔

All this is to say, zero progress has been made!

I wonder if Ducati would let me ride a used Street fighter... 

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