This evening I'm going to make the rather long journey from Chicago to Indy for the GP. It's going to be about 220miles to get do the hotel where my 4 friends and I are going to share one room (because we're cheap). Its been about 18 months since I've made a trip that long on my bike and it's the first time I'm doing the planning myself.

Last night I did all the preparation I could think of, checked the oil, coolant, tire pressures and generally inspected my bike. I packed by waterproof rafting bag with everything I thought I'd need, including a reasonable set of tools.


I test fitted the bag on the bike using a cargo net and a couple bunge chords and then went for a ride with all my gear to make sure there weren't going to be any issues with stuff moving around. It all went great, other than me momentarily loosing my key before the ride.

Navigation should be fine, you can see my GPS mount under the windshield in the picture and I also hand wrote some directions that I'm going to tape to the tank.

Should be a helluva fun time. I just hope no jerk steals my stuff while it's parked at the track on Sunday


So for people who do this more than me, did I miss anything?

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