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Moto-khana Jumps On (Or Over) The Bandwagon

Following the success of the Gymkhana series, which have racked up nearly 200 million total views on Youtube, DC Shoes is looking to promote their other brands in a similar fashion. The DC Moto TeamWorks line, originally released in 2007, is the next target of this video marketing and branding scheme, debuting the Robbie Maddison Teamworks Collection.


The film, which was first teased at the beginning of the month, is titled "Robbie Maddison's AIR.CRAFT", with the irregular capitalization and punctuation all but assuring that it will be a hit. Recorded at a military airplane graveyard in Tucson, AZ, over the course of three days, the video project shows Robbie Maddison, who goes by Maddo, riding a custom freestyle motocross course which utilizes over fifty planes. Maddo's past accolades include X-Games medals, the world record for longest motorcycle jump, and acting stuntman for Daniel Craig in the latest Bond flick, Skyfall. Maddo said about the project that he "really wanted to create something different so moto fans can see something new and interesting, really making this as special as possible."

DC has suggested that this is the first of many videos from DC Teamworks, leaving us hoping that perhaps we will soon see gymkhana that doesn't destroy its cars. But probably not, because, you know, Ken Block ain't care.

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