I would like to make a car timeline but it gets too complicated, moto much easier. These are all the bikes I’ve ridden.

2007-Current: 2007 Ninja 250

Bought this while I was a senior in high school. I wanted a sport bike I wouldn’t kill myself on and that I could afford new since sport bikes are often abused. Ended up wrecking it twice in my first 3 months doing stupid things. I rode it everywhere in all weather, put about 10k miles on it my first 2 years(MN has a limited riding season). With the high gas prices of 07-08, riding this saved so much fuel over my Camaro that it paid for itself in 9k miles. I rode it from MN to Colorado for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in 2011 and MN to Missoula, MT a month later. Riding nonstop at 10K plus rpm for 1000+ miles and not a single hiccup. I started looking for an upgrade after planning to move to CO as the the little carbureted Ninja did not do well at altitudes over 7K feet and loaded with saddle bags. Absolutely amazing bike. It was comfortable, efficient, great handling, and faster than expected. I learned a lot about riding a slow bike fast on this. Also had my first tire blowout on it. I left this with this with family and friends to ride so it wouldn’t be sitting too much. I would like to eventually cafe racer it.

I really need a handicap van again, perfect moto hauler.

2012-Current: 2005 Suzuki SV-650s


Bought this right before I moved to CO for some sweet fuel injected V-twin action. I had no interest in yellow vehicles but I bought it at an online auction for a great deal and have come to love the color. Had previously been down and a little beat up but was still presentable and mechanically solid. Previous owner butchered the wiring and rubbed a hole through the undertail. All around amazing bike, surprisingly less comfortable than the Ninja 250 though. Rode this from Denver to Vegas and from Denver to Seattle. The only issue I’ve ever had with it is mist from rain gets around the front spark plug after a while and shorts it out and turns it into a thumper. Had some of my best and worst rides on this thing. Possible track day project.

All loaded up moving to Washington.
Out and about.


Old Piaggio Vespa Grande Moped:

Not mine but close. Mine was blue.

Technically not mine but I was the only one who rode it. Fun little cruiser in my high school years, but absolutely terrible when it died. Having to pedal this home was terrible and a common occurrence. Can’t remember what ever happened to it.


2013?-Current: 82 or 83 Honda XR500R

Bought as a project that needed a new throttle cable and the carbs cleaned. It’s been sitting ever since. I want an enduro but want something newer, lighter, and more highway capable.


Old Hodaka Wombat:


One of my dad’s old projects as he loved Hodakas. Putzed around for a while in high school. Was sold to a collector for restoration.

Rental: Yamaha FJ-09


Rented this in Hawaii and fell in love. Great handling, very comfortable, and a sweet 900 triple. It had a few downsides like the engine sounds weird at low revs, the fuel gauge is inconsistent, and the gauges get terrible glare. But overall fantastic, been looking to buy one in this specific color combo.

Future Plans:

As mentioned above I would like an FJ-09 for street duty but also a Husqvarna 701 Enduro. Possibly with a rally kit because they look sweet.


Thanks for reading.