For absolutely no reason at all, I decided to look up the Moto X. I then made a discovery!

Under the And There's More (Moto X Features) page, they have a picture of the Moto X in a cup holder in a car. It apparently reads your texts out loud and puts your calls on speakerphone when you're driving.

But something caught my eye. The rubber grips in the cup holder looked surprisingly similar to the ones in my mom's car (that I have talked about so much here). Just beside that, the font on the 12V outlet plug was also surprisingly similar to the ones in my mom's car. To the right of that, I found more telltale signs.


Brushed aluminum - waterfall center stack. And the final giveaway: the human shape on the AC control buttons.


yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'm happy now. As I have said before, I am a Volvo nut.

Can anyone help me figure out what model this is? It might be pretty hard, considering all we have to tell is a small section of the interior.


I do honestly hope, though, that the lady in the photo is not driving but just posing, as her seat belt isn't on.

But I do seriously doubt she'll need the Moto X for crash prevention when she is driving.


HA! Back at you, Google!