I went to the race this past weekend with my dad and some friends and took a bunch of photos. We decided to camp out at a place across the street from CoTA for the weekend. The camp site turned out to be a track car rental/bone yard which seemed appropriate so we set up tent in between donor cars and old motor homes. Hope y'all enjoy the pics.

This first one is for all you rotary fans. Best tagline ever!

Here's Nicky Hayden going through Turn 3 during practice.

Hayden and another racer during qualifying, Turn 1.


Here's a composite sequence I made of Dovizioso going around Turn 1.

Williams gave fans the chance to see an F1 car up close which is always awesome.


The MX jump show was fun. One of the riders got a back flip in before it was canceled because of wind.

Got there early and staked out a spot on top of the hill at turn 1. There's some amazing views from that hill.


Another sequence this time of Hayden flinging his bike through the S at turn 3 and 4.


The grid lined up and ready to start.

Hayden popping a wheelie as he accelerates out of turn 1. I was surprised to see most of the riders do this here and after turn 20 onto the front straight.


Looking down the front straight towards the turn 1 hill.


A very thirsty kid taking a drink from the pool in the Grand Plaza.

Monster-Yamaha rider during practice.


The CoTA tower. Amazing views from up there and the last 10 feet of the platform is 7" plexiglass so you can see all the way down.

Am I crazy for wanting this van? I'm a sucker for skulls I guess.


Race Day. There were a lot of fans wearing the flags of their favorite riders country. One of them managed to sneak onto the track and wave a flag at Marquez during his victory lap. I thought that kind of thing only happened at ball games.

All-in-all a great race and a great weekend.

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