This has been negotiated for quite long but in yesterday the official news told that Finland will be hosting a MotoGP race in 2019 (and at least four following years too). It’s happening on a brand new track called KymiRing. Despite Kymi sounds slightly like Kimi they are not related. Kymi is a place name related to the area.

Y in Finnish is pronounced like German ü. I guess they chose the name on purpose to make it short but still difficult (and fun) to pronounce for English speaking crowds.


You might not have heard about this track because it hasn’t yet been even finished. They were planning to get the MotoGP race for 2018 but the lengthy process of building a new modern race track it was postponed.

For Finland’s current attitude for any noisy hobbies/sports it is very surprising that this kind of track is been built and it even received financial support from the government. I didn’t believe that the planners would get this far.


The organizers are expecting 100,000 spectators. The last record for any circuit racing event in Finland is ~82,000 spectators and that happened in 1958.

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