MotOPPO GP, anyone?

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2016 looks like it’ll be one heckuva season, so why not make it better by starting the greatest Fantasy MotoGP game mankind will ever see, experience, and play?


Right, rules will be adopted from Formula OPPO, as I’m new to this, but (1) the scoring system is different [30-25-18, 10 for Q] and (2) if you miss five (5) straight races, not only will you be ejected if you suddenly show up to pick, but the points you got will be taken by me and distributed to those who remain.

That’s all.

Now I’ll need help from Sean to do some dirty work with podium photos and lede images, providing the prize, other shit, and some enterprising Opponaut for musical accompaniment. Other than that, leave this to me.


May God help me on this endeavor. If you want, we can do this as a consortium, so maybe Peter Black, SV wrangler, motorcycleprof and another moto fan can help run this?

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