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MotOPPO GP: De Rulzzz (also Help Wanted)!!!

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That’s right: with 2016 bringing in one ECU and new Michelin rubber, MotoGP gets an earthquake that may level the playing field. Naturally, such a shake-up deserves a fantasy series of equal magnitude.


Presenting... The world’s first Kinja-based Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing fantasy game, MotOPPO GP!!!!

But here’s the problem: there has never been MotOppoGP. And worse, the man who wanted this to happen and is going to make it happen, which is Wheelerguy, is in the Philippines, where everything is one day later.


Which is why I am now opening the doors for anyone who can help me compute and tabulate results immediately after races, as well as make good banners. It’s all I need.

Oh, right, prizes. I can’t possibly mail Sean MacDonald for such a petty reason, but if he finds motOPPO GP interesting and a worthwhile deviation and wouldn’t care putting some dough for top prizes, let me know.



Now to the rules, which are basically a more generous version of Formula Oppo’s rules:

Like Formula Oppo, you can only make picks for those riders you think will be first, second, and third, respectively, then pick out who comes on top in Qualifying. No picking when they start Qualifying (here’s where I’ll need help), or you’ll get a shove.


Here’s how the scoring’s gonna go down:

1st- 30 points (5 more than FO)

2nd- 25 points (7 more than FO)

3rd- 20 points (5 more than FO)

Pole Position- 10 points (5 more than FO)

A curse system—that bit where you pick out the bloke who bungles it first—exists, but because I am a generous god, you can pick two riders. “How’s that even supposed to work, bitch?”, you now ask. Simple, my answer is. You pick two riders that you think will crash, and if the driver you first typed didn’t crash first and the second one picked was the one who borked it first, you still get points (10 points, in fact). But here’s the kicker: if both riders crashed in the order that you typed it (NO EITHER OR), you get an extra 20 points!!!


There’s a catch, though. Because if neither of the riders you picked crashed AND they finished in the top 10, you get a 10-point deduction.

Refer to this quote box:

Quali/Pole/Q: Marquez

1: Marquez

2: Rossi

3: Iannone

Curse: Pedrosa; Dovizioso

So if Pedrosa crashes first come green light, you get 10 points regardless if Dovi crashed the next or if he finished upright. If Pedrosa didn’t crash and it’s Dovi who eats it first, you’re still getting points. If both of them crash at the same time or end up in a pile-up, you get 40 (!!!!!!!) points. If neither of them crash out and both riders you cursed finish in the top 10 after the race, you lose 10 points.


Miss four straight races and I’ll call Rossi to knee you when you suddenly show up (like FO), but worse? All your points will be taken from you and divvied up to bottom-feeders who remain in contention. Announcements will be made for this on Oppositelock during weekdays.

Get the most points until the end of the season and you might just win prizes, though it’s up to Sean MacDonald if he’s interested. For now, we’ll have nothing more than the joy of shoving it to FanDuel fans out there.


Questions, clarifications, and requests for TL;DR version of the rules are welcome, as well as anyone who can help me in running this game.

First round is in Qatar, under the lights at Losail, March 19 & 20.

See ya!

Also send help please.

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