Illustration for article titled MotOPPO GP Is Now On Reddit, But You Dont Need A Reddit Account (Or a Kinja Account If You Come From Reddit)

Very few people played MotOPPO GP, Kinja’s first-ever fantasy game for Grand Prix motorcycle racing, mostly because I’m an immense wuss. Well, that’s gonna change, because now it’s gonna be on Reddit, where there are more potential players, more help to run the show, more excitement, more tension, and more suckers to siphon points off on.


The rules have not changed, actually—it’s still good old MotOPPO GP, with generosity and a wicked death penalty together in Ollie Matrimony. But this time, Redditors over at /r/MotoGP will be invited to play. They’re in one scoreboard with those on Oppo, but tabulation will be color-coded, of course.


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