MotOPPO GP is now open for entrants!

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Want another Oppo fantasy motorsport game*? Well here it is, and luckily Peter Black and yours truly got to do this on a completely new season of the highest-tier motorcycle racing series around. Wanna play it? Excellent, because that’s all we need to get the game going.


Yup, MotOPPO GP is open for anyone as long as they’ve been using Oppo since the last club opening, but for this stuff to work you have got to prove you can stick around the rest of the way, until the end of the MotoGP season or longer than weaker men, because MotOPPOGP is a sinister bitch, too, ya know. Miss four (4) straight races and you’re out for the season, and all your points will go to the bottom-feeders. So this post is to let both of us showrunners know that you’re playing and you’ll be playin’ long enough to be valuable, then we’ll probably ax you off this game for the benefit of the poor. Basically, even the newest Opponaut can become this season’s winner!!!


The rest of the rules are right above the second paragraph. Here’s a clarification on the crash-call system:

You can mention two riders, but you can only mention two. If the first name you keyed in crashed but the other one didn’t, you get 10 points. You still get 10 points if it’s the other one you typed. So, say you called [A. Espargaro; Smith]. If [A. Espargaro] fell and [Smith] didn’t, you get 10 points. if [Smith] fell and [A. Espargaro] didn’t, you still get 10 points. If both of them fell, you get 40 points. if neither of them fell, you lose 20 points.


Phew. That was close.

The first round is in Qatar, under the lights at Losail, March 19 & 20. See you there!


*now that we’ve got enough fantasy games, we can start our own company and show FanDuel and DraftKings who’s boss

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