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Motor Trend OTY awards

I’ve more or less dismissed Motor Trend as a publication, and have held them in great disdain for a number of years now. Their annual “Of The Year” awards have been especially infuriating.

Obviously, it’s a magazine, and in the current market, they’re largely a face for advertisers (go to their webpage without Ad Blocker on and note that a Chevy Silverado ad obscures half the landing home page), or perhaps their parent company got a lot of GM stock around the time of the bailout. The last few years have felt more like a “GM OTY” award than anything actually compelling or definitive from a once-known “industry leader”:

This year, they’ve awarded the Chevy Colorado as Truck OTY, which they also did last year, simply because it has a diesel engine now. Last year it beat out the remarkable 2015 F-150 despite the Ford’s all-aluminum body and useful, functional features.


The Camaro took Car OTY. I honestly don’t know how, as it still suffers the same critical flaw as the fifth-gen car, being absurdly-terrible visibility. It beat the amazingly-lightweight and enjoyable Miata, new Genesis, and a few others. Last year they awarded the Golf family, and a Cadillac the year before that.

The Volvo XC90 took SUV OTY, which is surprisingly justifiable. But GM also didn’t have any finalists or contenders in that category, so someone else had to win.

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