There was a time when I thought Motor Trend was a joke. I read Automobile, Road & Track, Car and Driver, and some of the other more esoteric Euro car mags, but never, and I mean never, Motor Trend. I mean seriously, it chose the K-Car as Car of the Year in 1981.

But somewhere along the way Motor Trend changed. Last year I paid Motor Trend a visit in Los Angeles and had a great opportunity to sit down with Michael Floyd and Angus MacKenzie. Angus blew me away with his fluid discussion about anything brought up and his air of leadership and authority. Mike gave me a great tour of their facility and was an incredibly gracious host. It was a great day meeting great auto enthusiasts and professionals.


Fast forward to now. Motor Trend has been trickling out its Hot Lap videos from Mazda's Laguna Seca track in support of its upcoming 2013 Best Driver's Car issue. Motor Trend, hands down, has the best videos of all the major magazines. They release a lot, they are interesting, the cinematography is first rate, their "chat" shows are actually watchable and engaging. The Best Driver's Car videos are no exception. We either get an introduction from Carlos Lago or Angus himself, followed by the hot lap with pro driver Randy Probst. They are well worth your time to watch. Randy has such balanced commentary for the wide range of vehicles he shepherds around the track. The range of vehicles runs the gamut from a Bentley Continental GT Speed to a Ford Focus ST. One quickly picks up the idea that the track time isn't the ultimate deciding factor being considered. It's clear they are contextually looking at each car. Take a look and enjoy.

Visit photos from "Just a Car Guy Blog" - I didn't take any pictures on my visit!