Summer is too short in Minnesota.

I went camping in northern MN twice last year and had a blast. This year life has gotten in the way and I although I tried to go once, rain prevented me from making it. This weekend, rain or shine, I’m going.

I was talking to my girlfriend last night about our weekend plans. To our surprise, we realized we didn’t have any. Then she suggested I go camping because I haven’t gone yet this year. I looked last night and there was one camping spot left in all of northeast MN.


And I got it.

I did go camping this year, but in Nebraska for a road trip/concert. This is my setup.

Tettegouche State Park is a gem right on Lake Superior. It features a series of waterfalls as the Baptism River meets Lake Superior, including one that is 70 ft high. I was there for a short time last year on my way back from a weekend away in Grand Marias (hey that rhymes) and it was one of the highlights of the trip. Camping there should be a blast.

Looking towards Lake Superior from the falls. My campsite will be just a 100 yards or so from this spot.

Of course, the bike needs a little work before I go. I recently had what I thought was a Fuel Pressure Regulator issue (a common issue on early VTX 1800s). After some searching I found that the previous owner had unplugged the vacuum line and capped it. Then, he plugged the Hypercharger into where the FPR should go. So, I got the FPR working again but need to re-route the vacuum on the Hypercharger so the butterfly opens.

Looking from Lake Superior back up towards the Baptism River. The bridge is Route 61, the main road from Duluth to the Canadian border.

After that, it should be a fluid check and a general once over, pack up, and go! The ride should be a blast. 220 miles, some along famous route 61, right along Lake Superior. It’s a road I’ve wanted to ride since I moved to the Twin Cities 2 1/2 years ago.

Should be a fun trip!

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