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Motorcycle Gear

Hey, another post from discerning about motorcycles and he still doesn’t even own one yet!

I consider myself a pretty risk averse person. I take safety and security very seriously. If I can spend a little more because I am confident something will objectively improve my safety, then I do it.


I feel comfortable with my helmet choice (should be ordering soon), but I keep re-evaluating my other gear choices.

I want to achieve maximum protection in terms of armor and abrasion resistance, but it gets obscenely hot and humid in Georgia.


Without further delay, this is what I’ve come up with:

Upper body: Textile jacket, elbow guards with forearm protection strapped under jacket, helite airbag vest, gauntlet gloves with palm sliders. Not a bad way to spend $1K


Lower Body: Textile pants that zip into jacket, knee guards with shin protection, armored shorts with hip and coxis protection, boots with ankle, heel, and toe protection.

Imnot worried about going overboard, looking like a man in a bubble suit, or spending too much.


What I am worried about is not picking the most effective combination. For example, I am assuming guards are better than the built in armors because there is less chance of slipping or looseness.

I would go full on race suit, but I’m not sure those are the best idea for the street.


Here's a random monster pic saved on my phone:

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