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Motorcycle helmets

As I look at bikes and fantasize about what to get and what it would be like to own one, I find myself spending more and more time looking at gear and specifically helmets. From what the shops around Atlanta have told me, Shoei is the way to go.

For those few who read my BRC post, you will likely not recall that I squeezed my head into a 2x helmet by a brand I dont recall and it was the only negative of the whole experience.


Well it turns out I don’t need a 2x for brands like Shoei. I need a large or an XL. But that is also the rub...

My head is 23 and 7/8th inches in size. Which puts it squarely between the upper threshold of the large and right below the minimum for the XL. When I tried on the large, I’m 99% sure I felt some discomfort at the top front ridge of my head. The shops said this meant I needed an XL and they felt it wasn’t too big for me. But I can’t help to feel some level of hesitation.


So a couple of questions: has anyone else experienced this or have some insight into sizing? Should I be considering any other brands? Right now I’m looking at a clearance rf 1200 for 400 or an rf-sr for 400.

Here’s a pretty green XSR700 for your time:

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