Well, I spent a little bit of time working on the Ninja 250. I squirted some fluid in the cylinders on Saturday, and rotated the engine today. IT TURNS OVER!

So my little $60 hasn’tbeenrunin10years bike is perhaps not completely dead. Now I need to decide if I buy a battery and see if it will start off some starter fluid just to see if the basics are there, or do I pull the carbs and give them a good cleaning first. Either way requires spending a little bit of money.

I also spent some time practicing my plastic welding on an extra fender I have from when I needed to fix the front end of the ZX6E. Here it is before the additive process:

And after with some rough filing:


I also filled in some cracks, but I haven’t smoothed those yet.


Just a little something else to do in the future.