First of all, hi guys! It’s been a while, seeing as how the only real American motorcycle news this year has been Harley-Davidson tumbling downhill and all the little electric bike companies finally gaining some market traction and escaping fad status, neither one of which is of any interest to any fan of internal combustion as a technology.

Really, the only American motorcycle news at all this year has been Indian’s two year stomp out of American Flat Track. Wrecking crew, indeed!


This is especially notable because Harley-Davidson dominated flat track for decades with the XR750 before finally hitting a technological plateau with the platform, and put all those decades of know-how into their new XG750R... only to get smashed nearly every single time. Imagine if CM Punk had knocked out Anderson Silva.

Also notable is the fact that they’ve been caught tire doping(either using a special coating or compound to improve traction) multiple times and it’s cost them multiple wins, but they just pay their fines and move on.

Make of that what you will, I don’t watch enough to judge.

Still, everyone agrees that the bike is boss, a joy to ride. It’s just too bad that it’s not street legal and costs $45,000, mostly for the engine...Hey, what’s this about an FTR 1200 Custom?


Oh. Oh, wow... But that’s just, like, a design study, right?

Okay, now you’re just pissing me off.

We all know you ain’t gon’ do shit, Polaris. If you were gonna do something, the Octane would’ve been a streetfighter with mid pegs. Just stop playing and deliver another cruiser so I can bob it!


But then they went and did it.


Fucking brilliant, Polaris. You finally earned the name! You made a bike H. W. Dundee would be proud to put his name on and make huge profits from.

So, yeah, if you ever wanted a real American streetbike that can stand toe to toe with giants and come out in front... Start saving.

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