This series will be a few articles on some styles of bikes that I think every rider, new, old, fast or slow, cruiser or sport bike (or dirt head)

I’m going to break the series off the start and mention the first bike, is actually a very specific model.

The greatest bike on earth. the honda Goldwing.


The goldwing is THE touring daddy. Big. huge. MASSIVE. This is a bike that you can now order with an automatic and an airbag for crying out loud.

For the past 20 years, the vereranble `wing has been powered by a flat-6 motor, discplacing either 1500 or 1800CC. 100hp, 125 lb-ft. Its not the most powerfull engine on sale. but its so silkly smooth, you`d hardly think it was on.

But the sheer comfort. radio. nav.hgeated seats. cruise control. And they are SO stable on the road. I almost fell asleep riding one of these.

My story with the wing? When i was working as a riding instructor, Honda canada invited us to a instructor only demo day. Needless to say, i hopped at the chance.

Meet Giant gertha. a 2017 GL1800 with nav, airbag, and allll the bells and whistles at the time.

walking it around, there is no hiding this is a 800lb + bike. She chonky. Once you get moving at 25+km/h it all just..melts. Smooth, stable and assertive was the best way to describe it. It has this presence that no other bike on the road can match. its the polite neighboor that you can always rely on.

riding this thing, again. you set the cruise, and it just sits there. miles (and gas) drifting away. On our demo ride, we rode past a golf course. At this time, i was listening to the radio (with the stero cranked, natch) and what was playing? “American idiot” by green day. I uhh...interupted several golf games as everyone turned to watch 850lbs of red gluide by with green day singing their heart out. A few laughs, and more then one angry face.

worth it? Oh yea.

And the best part? slap on a set of stright pipes and you have a porsche 911 sounds track too.

So big, floatly, boaty and you can tow. All the winf proection in the world and motor soundtrack to kill for. 

Stay tuned for more!

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