What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

Ok, with #1 throwing some for a loop (What, Peter praising a goldwing? what is this madness)

Time to return to regular programming.

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#2 on our list is a full bore, 200HP, balls to the walls liter bike. WITH the added condition: you have somewhere to really open it up.

There is no specific bike this time, any of the bike 1000ccs will do it. My point is: To ride on of these things and to let it breath, and i mean REALLY breathe...will reset your expectations of fast.

AS an example, the above video is a 2007 (12 years old!) GSXr-1000. Starting his run at 0.32 on the video, in 10 seconds he hits 145 mph. in 10 seconds. in 15? he is doing 173 MPH.

The sheer relentlessness and power is something that I think everyone MUST experiance. Much like the goldwing has its thing with comfort and stability, the power and speed and sheer “Oh my free-wheeling christ” is something to be felt.

My experiance? I had a zx-10R for a few nights. And on one of the highways near my house, they were doing some construction just north of where me and a friend met up for a ride that night. As we were chilling in the carpool parking lot and chatting, a MTO truck comes up and tell us: hey, we are closing the highway for a few KM for work...you boy want to have it to yourself for a pass or two?

... erm....no need to invite us twice.

So, we had 3Km of 3 lane wide, freshly paved blacktop to our disposal. and let me tell you, I let that bike do its thing. And it re-set some standards. To this day, i can still feel the freight-train like relentlessness of that thing.

Tune in tomorrow to see what else I think all two wheeled enhusiasts should try!

Bike #1 here

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