On to #4 on our list. This spot is dedicated to a style of bike that needs a few things to be enjoyed right. They are as follows:

1: the twistiest, more winding road you can think of
2: having experianced a big bore, high horsepower bike
3: next to no traffic
4: having the skill to really push this bike to what it can do.

What is it? A light weight, twitchly, fast handling motorcycle on tight twistly roads.


Now, Why do I mention point number 2? Well, a lot of people who have yet to experance a higher HP bike (or #2 in this series) will spend more time complaining about the lack of HP and not being able to rocket out of the corners as hard as they would want.

Which isnt the point of this exersize. little bikes flip-slop side to side with concerning speedd, making them some of the most fun things you could possibly take through a proper canyon run.

The above photo and video is of the same day, i was riding a friends CBR 250R (with a bunny backpack for shits and giggles) And just absolutly HAULING through the gap.

Serisously, being able to pull one of these little bikes through the roads at what can only be described as hyper-legal speeds is fun as hell. You arent every really afriad because you know the bike wont just run away from you, but you have to really work those lines to keep up the momentum.

And even if you take it a little bit slower. its still a lot of fun to just be able to toss in a lighter bike and to enjoy the ride3. the lighter fuel and tire bill at the end of the day is also something to be appreciated.

Now, I got into a bit of an argument with Decay over weather or not supermotos should be on this list. They certianly fill in the spot of lightweight bike..but the funky ergos and tall seat makes me shy away from including them here.

Either way. brap on friends. Brap on.

Bike #3 here
bike #2 here
Bike #1 here

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