Motorcycle Oppos, I Need Your Help!

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Now that I’ve scratched off a goal and one bucket list item in 2018 (moving out and getting another smart, respectively), I want to scratch off another item. Since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted a motorcycle. I have no idea why I haven’t gotten into it. And now that I cannot reasonably own five cars, it’s a better time than ever!


Getting the endorsement is easy and bikes are cheap on CraigsList. I just need it. So motorcycle Oppos, learn me some motorcycles!

What recommendations do you give to a new rider? What kind of bike should I ideally be looking for? I’m going to live only three minutes from work and I’ll probably ride my bicycle to work, so I sort of intend on retiring all cars from commuting duty. Theoretically, I can now put all cars on a per-mile insurance policy, cutting my costs even further.


I guess this sort of kicks off a new “Unnecessary Motorcycle Shopping With Mercedes” series?

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