I’m starting a motorcycle training course this weekend, and will be doing the on-bike portion in two weeks. I’m taking the course because riding a motorcycle both intrigues & scares the bejeezus out of me. So I genuinely have no idea if I’m going to ever get on a bike again after the course.

To that end I do not want to buy a full set of riding gear if my total riding time may end up being 10 hours of low-speed parking lot driving. I will be borrowing a helmet at the class, but am trying to figure out what, if anything else I need for the class. I was thinking I should be ok with a pair of heavy-duty jeans and either a canvas or leather jacket I already own. I wear leather paratrooper boots anyway so I am ok there. Would a set of gloves with knuckle protection be worth it in case I fall over? Please note if I decide I like it, I’ll be buying a proper set of gear with a full helmet and armored pants/jacket before I take my first ride on the street.

Second question. I was planning on buying a 250 bike as my first bike, but a friend who has the bike I was looking at (Hyosung CV250) has been complaining lately about the lack of speed on the highway and has been talking about needing a bigger bike. Considering I have 6” and 50-60lbs on her, I suspect it won’t go any better for me. I need a bike that can handle highways as nearly all of my friends(and my g/f) live at least a half hour away by highway.

So I have been looking at other bikes, but know basically nothing about what would be a good size. I like the look of the Honda Shadow, which is available in a 650. Is this too much bike in the other direction? I’m 6’ and about 210lbs.

Thanks in advance