Motorcycle taxis should come to America - now with BONUS REAL ESTATE CONTENT

Why? Because the fear/adrenaline mix coursing through my veins after taking a 30 minute ride through pouring rain, lightning and fog at 70kmh on a little scooter that bottomed out under my weight every few meters while the driver watched YouTube Kpop videos in the phone he was holding in his left hand....

Well. It’s something that more people should experience. I had a helmet this time, although the strap was unadjustable and so loose that the helmet just dangled around my neck. #safety


(edit) took another moto taxi. Watching these riders up close, I feel like a better rider myself. Next time I come to Thailand I plan on staying for a month or two. Renting a bike for most of that time is definitely on the agenda.

So here’s the Airbnb condo roof. That pool is on the 38th floor, open to the sky. No glass panels between those braces. Absolutely stunning in real life. A short term month to month rental at this luxury skyrise...? Roughly $450/month. For a similar place in the best Seattle neighborhoods, $4000/month, bare minimum. Tired of me talking about how much I love Bangkok yet? Lol

Oh and walk up the stairs behind the pool to get to the rooftop gym. I’ve yet to go to any other city in the world that comes close to the rooftop utilization of Bangkok.


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