Hey Oppo, I live in San Francisco now and at a place without parking and the closest free parking is 1.0+ miles away on the street I decided to leave my FoST at my parents. So now here I am paying $500 a month if you count insurance for a car to just sit.

Up here in SF all I use is public transportation and thats getting a little old but i’m also not about to bring my FoST and have to take a bus or a 30 minute walk to use it. On top of that i’ll have to move it every few days because street cleaners come every week and you will get ticketed if you don’t move.


Near where I live there is motorcycle parking for a few bucks a day so probably $100 a month, and i’ve talked to my parents about it they said I could sell my car for a motorcycle if I want to. If I do sell my car I will be paying about $100 a month in payments for a bike, $100 for parking, and maybe $100 for insurance(i don’t count gas it will be like $20). If I end up with a bike I should be saving at least $200 a month and I will be able to move around freely.

The only downside to bike will be wearing all the gear and sometimes finding parking at school will be a pain. Ultimately my question to Oppo is how is a bike in a city like San Francisco, should I continue paying $500 a month for my car and use public transportation or should I sell my car and use public transit when I need it otherwise ride my bike? Also the bike would be a Yamaha FZ-07 if anyone was wondering. I’d only have the bike while in school after that i’ll purchase a car.

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