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Motorcycle woes, part deux

So, many of you remember that I purchased a 2006 Honda Hornet in the Sub-$5K range because I loved it. Well, as Clarkson stated, how much pain would you get for $5000?


This is probably one of those series of posts where I run into the bike's impractical quirks and document them. Even though I love the damn thing, not everything is perfect. Here's one of them.


Today, I would like to discuss what most 919 owners would have to go through upon starting their steed - the stink. I don't know if it's depending on the model and state (California models have the catalytic converter instead of the center stand), but as soon as you crank over the 919cc straight-four, in a second or so you will smell something that's not common on an everyday bike. I don't think Sato pipes help much, but damn. Most people (maybe me) ended up going with it, seeing it's not a huge health hazard (to be honest, I can't describe the scent but if you ask any 919 owner, they'll probably say the same.)

Not that the smell would be a bad thing, unless you can capture traces of either oil or coolant burning at the same time. However, it would be nice not to smell that pungent stink every time I start the damn thing. (Pictures to come later today.)

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