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Motorcycle woes, part un

So, many of you remember that I purchased a 2006 Honda Hornet in the Sub-$5K range because I loved it. Well, as Clarkson stated, how much pain would you get for $5000?


This is probably one of those series of posts where I run into the bike's impractical quirks and document them. Even though I love the damn thing, not everything is perfect. Here's one of them.

In page 53 of the 919's manual, you will find on the routine on how to lock your helmet by (and I quote:)

Using the helmet holder wire stored in the tool kit to secure your helmet with your motorcycle then hooking through the helmet's D-Ring and through the helmet holder before lowering the seat.


I'm sorry, but the idea of a helmet lock is to secure your helmet safely and securely. My idea of security doesn't involve something using a little twine and your own seat. Just. No.

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