I was browsing my local CL for conventional bikes when, voila, this motorized cruiser popped up for an absurdly low $300. Now I crave it.

There's two reasons I fell in love: a practical one and a fun one.

I still can't have parking permit next year, which downright sucks. But I have an idea: I might be able to park my car at a friend's apartment. I could ride this bike there, use the car, then gas the bike back up the hill (campus is on top of a massive hill). Also, I'll be buying groceries and stuff next year so I could fit a couple racks onto the motor-bike and go shopping. Dweeby but practical as hell.

Of course, the other reason I want it is because it would fun as fuck. This is as basic as motors get, what a better place to start learning.

tl;dr yessss

edit: cyclistcarcoexist, I saw you rec this. Don't even think about—she's mine